About Hee Sung Lee and Her Art

Hee Sung Lee with Dalai Lama
“My paintings are my prayers, and through my Om paintings, I want to take the viewers through a spiritual journey”

Hee Sung received no formal training in art, but started to experiment with a single Om letter in 1988, as part of her daily meditation and study. By 1996, her art started to develop into a distinctive and unique style in primitive colors and forms that were reminiscent of ancient arts used in temples or palaces. However it wasn’t until 2002 her stroke took a drastic turn and her ‘Om’ became a whirlwind of energy and passion.

“I don’t think when I am painting… I just let myself become Om and Om becomes me...”

Painted on handmade Korean paper, Dak Ji or other various paper media with natural pigments Hee Sung herself mixed, her art evokes strong feelings and emotions from viewers. Some say her versatile use of the sacred symbol ‘Om’ and their liberal flow represent cosmic vibration and the energy of Universe at its formation.

Hee Sung’s spiritual background is deeply rooted in her long study of Zen Buddhism and Yoga. Hee Sung’s first book ‘Four Million Miles of Seeking After Truth’ reflects her spiritual journey and development through meditative poems and essays she wrote between 1988 and 1996. She also wrote ‘Mysterious Yoga’ published in May, 2003.

Her art is highly acclaimed by religious leaders as well as art critics in Korea and India. Hee Sung’s own word perhaps best describes herself and her work:

November 5th, 2003
While working on Om Mandala painting

When I’m writing hundreds and thousands of Om in colorful papers
The color of my heart is also splendid and profound
The embroidered designs in gold, pearl, and red stone pigments
And the depth and breadth of my meditation
Together bring together the energy of the heavens and earth.
I see and sense how pure souls follow the energy peacefully
And led to where they are supposed to be
For hours I look at Om Mandala
And feel warmth filling up in my body and happiness flowing in my heart
In that clear and transparent moment I become Om and Om becomes me
Under the mysterious energy
Content that I am creating necessary energy wave needed by all things in the world
I feel deep love and happiness
Without any worries of this world
Only my honest heart floats purely in this universe
Sometimes as a point of energy, sometime as a burst of hundreds and thousands of energy
When everything in this world comes together as one
I finally feel at ease after my long pursuits to understand the meaning of life
And understand that generosity, forgiveness and compassion are the most necessary living force in life.

Copyright © 2007 Hee Sung Lee