April 20, 2009
July 1, 2008
April 11, 2008
April 10, 2008
April 20, 2009
My experience of Om as the energy that governs the birth and death of all creations had to manifest itself. As I continued my prayers and meditations, my dreams started to fill with visions, and Om in colors and patterns started to flow out of my body as if the Om itself was using my body as a medium.

When I write Om, I sometimes feel hot energy deep inside my core: itís happiness; itís deep sorrow, itís the life and death. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by this feeling of ecstasy, fear, excitement, sadness and love and compassion for the world and weep. In my tears I feel my body becoming one with the universe and fossilize.

Completed July 2007 by Hee Sung Lee

Copyright © 2007 Hee Sung Lee