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Famous Indian poet and art critic Keshav Malik wrote about Hee Sung Lee's work:

Om Painting by Hee Sung Lee This is quite a feat. You have almost exhausted the permutations and combinations of the holy letter. The variations are not tiresome but surprising. Your calligraphy works out like the play on one syllable in grandiose classical vocal music, putting us in a trance.

Sometimes, though, you are ornamentally handsome, with rich brocaded forms surely deriving from the Korean tradition, at others austere, ascetic, minue colour.

The spiraling galactic forms are awesome, bear as they do in the energy of the cosmos, at others the still center; the microcosm or the macrocosm are both expressed in the work. It could be, that even a smaller, select body of composition from this ample exhibition will affect as even more movingly. God bless you.

Keshav Malik

Om Painting by Hee Sung Lee, in Korean Calligraphy style
Copyright © 2007 Hee Sung Lee