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Hee Sung Lee wrote this 5 years ago for her meeting with Dalai Lama in NYC, when she presented him with two of her contemporary Om Mandala. Seems very fitting to read this again, as Dalai Lama visits Seattle for Seed Of Compassion event, despite our concern for his safety as Chinese continues to crack down in Tibet and refuses to talk to Dalai Lama. ArtXchange is exhibiting 3 of Hee Sung Lee's paintings for this occasion.

Om, Your Holiness Dalai Lama

You are a moon that shines over heaven and earth like a light of Truth
With compassion, perseverance and humility
For peace and liberty of Tibet
For the mountains, rivers and the land of Tibet
And for the holy souls of Tibet

Your each and every movement appeals to all mankind
With quiet firmness and determination,
A figure of a beautiful and sad saint.

Now I present to you this Om mandala I drew with my soul
I pray to spread your compassion, courage and determination all over the universe
And for the divine energy of Om to protect you and bring peace to the world

So your holiness, please accept my true heart…

Yours very truly,

Hee Sung Lee
Seoul, Korea
September 2003

Artist and poet Hee Sung Lee and Dalai Lama.
Copyright © 2007 Hee Sung Lee